Statement on Novemeber 6, 2012 CA Prop Election Results

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Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement regarding the November election on the statewide propositions:

Prop. 30 Pass

“Californians made a decision to put our children and public safety first.  Proposition 30 is a temporary, balanced and necessary approach to ensure that we are continuing to invest in the future of our state.  It not only will increase funding for every part of our educational system, but also guarantees public safety funding in our state’s constitution.  The Los Angeles County Democratic Party thanks Governor Jerry Brown for his leadership on this measure.”

Prop. 32 Fail

“Despite spending tens of millions of dollars, California voters overwhelmingly rejected the conservative campaign against working families.  As a result of the failure of Proposition 32, working men and women will continue to have a voice in the political process and unions will continue to serve as a voice for the Middle Class in our state.  The Los Angeles County Democratic Party is proud that along with our friends and allies in organized labor we succeeded in defeating Proposition 32.”

Prop. 36 Pass

“Proposition 36 is a common sense reform to California’s three strikes law.  Thanks to Proposition 36 the state will no longer spend millions of dollars on life imprisonment where a third strike is for a non-violent, non-serious felony.  This will help us avoid the situation where California taxpayers are paying for life imprisonment someone who stole a bicycle or a slice of pizza.”

Prop. 37 Fail

“Once again, big corporations, like Monsanto and Dow, were able to use their unlimited funds to shut down the voices of every day California.  While today’s vote is a setback, we are not giving up this fight.  Californians have a right to know what they are eating.  The Los Angeles County Democratic Party will continue to fight for consumers.”

Prop. 38 Fail & Prop. 30 Pass

“Voters thankfully saw through this poorly drafted and flawed attempt to fund our schools.  Proposition 38 would have increased taxes on working families without preventing looming cuts to education in the coming year.  Fortunately, California voters saw through this misguided effort and voted in favor of Proposition 30, which helps avoid devastating cuts to our schools and colleges.”

Prop. 39 Pass

“Proposition 39 eliminates a sweetheart deal that Governor Schwarzenegger pursued on behalf of out-of-state corporate special interests at the expense of California taxpayers.  These out-of-state corporations were able avoid tax liability for sales in the state, which cost us billions of dollars in revenue.  Thanks to Proposition 39 the state will no longer lose this revenue and the money raised will be invested in green technology, which will create jobs and help our state’s economy.”

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