Statement on the State of the Union Address

Danny Leserman January 20, 2015 0

LACDP Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following response on the State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, an emboldened President Obama took to the rostrum calling for aggressive, forward thinking actions to help middle class families.

“Tax relief for working men and women, free community college, tackling income inequality by raising the minimum wage and bringing more manufacturing jobs back to America–the economic recovery that has accelerated under the President’s stewardship makes these things possible.

“The ideas the President outlined tonight will move our nation forward, as we rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure to boost the economy and provide tens of thousands of high-paying jobs; as we invest in space exploration, scientific advancements, and new technology to again place ourselves at the forefront of innovation in a modern, global economy; and as we respect human dignity while protecting Americans and our allies.

“So while the President and Congressional Democrats continue fighting for an increase in the minimum wage, the security of health insurance coverage, and the freedom to start a family with whomever we love, Republicans in Congress undoubtedly will continue to do what they do best: hold America hostage on behalf of their special interests and engage in petty brinksmanship. They should¬†stop playing politics at the expense of hard-working Americans and start working with the President and their Democratic colleagues to move America forward.

“The bold path forward outlined tonight by the President will provide the opportunity for America to move forward together, and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party will continue to fight alongside President Obama to restore the American Dream to our communities.”

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