Submit A Resolution

If you would like to submit a resolution for consideration or if you have any questions, please contact LACDP Resolutions Committee Co-Chair Tony Hale at

Resolution Submission Guidelines
– All resolutions must be typed.

– Whereas clauses must be limited to three or less and resolved clauses to two or less.

– All resolutions must contain an “action clause” indicating the action requested.

– Resolutions must be no longer than one side of one (1) typewritten page. (8-1/2″ x 11″).

– To help produce high quality and timely resolutions, any specific facts referred to in the resolution should be supported with documentation in a separate attachment containing the support materials or links to them.

– Resolutions received at least four (4) days before the Resolutions Committee meeting are timely and will be considered at that Resolutions Committee meeting.  Resolutions received less than four (4) days before the Resolutions Committee meeting may only be considered at that Resolutions Committee meeting upon majority approval of the members of the Resolutions Committee.

– Except as otherwise provided below, a resolution must first be presented to the Resolutions Committee.

– For a resolution to be brought up directly on the floor of LACDP, it must be signed by 25 regular members from at least five (5) Assembly Districts. Click here for the Resolution Signature Collection Form.

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