Veterans Day Message from the Chair

Danny Leserman November 10, 2017 0


On this Veterans Day, we are reminded of all that our veterans have done for us. The sacrifices made by these brave men and women and the scars they bring home, both hidden and visible, requires a debt of gratitude that will forever be impossible to pay back in full.

With all that is happening in the realm of politics, we cannot forget what our veterans have done to give us the facets of American life that we are grateful for. Our veterans fought to give us the freedoms we all share equally, and the right to change the parts of America that require change, so we can continue to make it a more perfect Union. Every single one of us reaps these benefits in our daily lives, and for that we are eternally indebted.

Our veterans have already done plenty of fighting, so they should not have to come home and fight for the very benefits that they were promised before joining the military. Our veterans and their families deserve better than we can ever give them, but every little bit still helps. If you can, please donate to, volunteer for, or learn about one of the following veteran’s services organizations and their Los Angeles regional offices:

In Unity,
Mark Signature
Mark Gonzalez
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

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