We’ve Seen the Same Smear Tactics From Luis Lopez Before. Vote for Wendy Carrillo!

Danny Leserman December 4, 2017 0

– Los Angeles county Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez released the following statement urging the resident of Assembly District 51 to see through the smear tactics and vote for Wendy Carrillo:”I read the resumes of those running in this race. I’ve researched their positions and who they align themselves with. Let me say that it’s clear there’s only one person who will be a champion for all her constituents. Whether people are rich or poor, working nine-to-five or five-to-nine, my friend Wendy is the obvious choice to represent them in the 51st. This is why she is the ONLY candidate in this race endorsed by the Democratic Party.

“Wendy has worked to improve the lives of every single individual in Los Angeles. She knows the issues affecting everyone living in this district, from housing affordability, to minimum wage, to healthcare access, to making sure that everyone has an equal shot at the American Dream.

“We all work every day to make Los Angeles and California an ever more progressive beacon, and with Wendy Carrillo in Sacramento, our work will be that much more effective.

“This is why baseless attacks from supporters of Wendy’s opponent arbitrarily calling her and her supporters ‘homophobic’ just for questioning Luis Lopez’s supporters’ use of oil contributions is despicable. Lopez’s camp pulled the same low-brow tactic when he ran against Jimmy Gomez for this exact seat in 2012. The voters saw through it then, and they will see through it on election day.

“Then LACDP Chair and openly gay Eric C. Bauman stood by Jimmy Gomez as Lopez’s supporters erroneously labeled him as a homophobe, and I, current LACDP Chair and an also openly gay man who is a lifelong resident of Assembly District 51, stand beside Wendy Carrillo today.

“These baseless attacks against this impressive woman are just that. They are tactics outside of what is reasonable or acceptable, and to those of us who have been in politics a while, it reeks of a campaign in desperation.

“We implore all those in Assembly District 51 and in Los Angeles to heed our call: Wendy Carrillo will be the Assembly Member District 51 needs, who will be there for all her constituents.”

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