Resolution: Local Ballot Measures, November 6, 2007 Election


Whereas, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party has the right to take positions on local ballot measures; and


Whereas, Democratic voters request help from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party on how to vote on local ballot measures; and


Whereas, local Democratic organizations want to know the County Party ’s position on local ballot measures,


Therefore be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party take the following positions:


#       City                      Issue                                                                                  Position

A       El Monte            Reduce the telecommunications portion of the utilities user’s              YES

                                 tax from 7% to 6.5%


C        Rancho Palos    Amend the City’s existing Storm Drain User Fee to shorten duration    YES

          Verdes             from 30yrs to 10 yrs & establish a resident’s oversight committee


D       Rancho Palos V Adopt ordinance to repeal the City’s existing Storm Drain User Fee        NO


E        Las Virgines USD  Renew the expiring $98 school parcel tax                                    YES


H       Hermosa Beach    Reduce the telephone/cable television tax rate from 6% to 5 ½%    YES


L        Lenox SD            $10.7million bond issue for Lennox ’s charter high school facilities   YES


S        Walnut Valley SD     $64million bond issue for school facilities                                  YES


W       Antelope Valley SD  $240million bond issue for school facilities & 2 new high schools  YES


Y        Walnut Valley SD     $15.2 million bond issue for school athletic facilities                    YES


AV     So Pasadena       Advisory vote only:  65% of funds generated by Utility User’s Tax be   YES

                                  used for utilities infrastructure and repair & 35%  for employee salaries    


UT     So Pasadena      Increase existing Utility User’s Tax by 3% between 2/1/08 and 3/5/13   YES


Passed by LACDP Resolutions Comm, 10/2/07    Passed by Los Angeles County Democratic Party, 10/9/07