Stop Media Consolidation

Whereas, the need for more diverse, independent and local media owners has never been greater but the trend toward media consolidation into the hands of fewer and fewer gigantic media conglomerates is resulting in

Whereas, Democracy requires an informed public educated by the free flow of information and ideas from diverse voices but the very structure of our conglomerated media system conspires against real journalism, and hence, the truth; and

Whereas, the Federal Communications Commission is planning in December, 2007 to vote on sweeping changes to media ownership rules which will allow gigantic media conglomerates to swallow up more local radio and television stations and newspapers which will mean that a single company could own the major daily newspaper, and as many as eight radio stations and three TV stations in a single city;

Therefore be it resolved, that Los Angeles County Democratic Party calls on the FCC and the Congress to stand firm with the public against further concentration of media ownership in the hands of the few and promote local ownership, provide varying perspectives; hold government accountable, amplify minority voices, support quality journalism, and bring local artists and viewpoints to the airwaves; and

Be it further resolved,  that LACDP will send this Resolution to the FCC, Senators Boxer and Feinstein, the Democratic Congressional Delegation, the LA TIMES and Daily News.

Author: Carole Lutness, 48th AD

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Comm, 12/04/07

Passed by Los Angeles County Committee, 12/10/07