Deploring the  Pejorative Use Of the “N” Word, the “B” Word and the “H” Word.

Whereas, we, the undersigned, strongly believe in promoting the equality of all people and strive to foster an environment free from discrimination; and we further believe that the excessive use of the words “Nigger”, “Bitch” and “Ho” in the Entertainment Mediums such as but not limited to music, television and the movies, denigrates women, particularly African American women, men, children, and African American culture and its rich history; and,

Whereas, acknowledging the great power of the spoken and written word, a power both immediate in its ability to inspire action subtle in its far-reaching repercussions, the writers, responding to concerns of constituent groups and the call of civic leaders, seek to join the national conversation about appropriateness of pejorative use of terms like “nigger, bitch and “ho;” and,

Whereas, the writers believe that the repercussions of words can be constructive or can be insidious, and that words, when misused, can lay foundations to legitimize the illegitimate and codify the unthinkable, i.e., the concept that it is acceptable to refer to women as animals, recognizing that the word “bitch” primarily defined by American Heritage Dictionary as “female canine animal, especially a dog”, carries a legitimately non-pejorative definitions; thus documenting a long-standing tradition of the word’s use for purposes of degradation.  Likewise, the word “ho” is commonly used to refer to a whore or woman of loose sexual reputation.

Therefore be it resolved, that Los Angeles County Democratic Party support an ongoing dialogue to encourage candidates, the Party, music industry and artists to promote an atmosphere of professional responsibility and public accountability; and

Therefore be it further resolved, that Los Angeles County Democratic Party deplores the pejorative use of the “B,” “N,” and “H” words.

Bobbie Jean Anderson, 48th AD
Ted Smith, III, 48th AD
Quincy O’Neal, 44th AD

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Comm, 12/04/07

Passed by Los Angeles County Committee, 12/10/07