LACDP Chair Mark Gonzalez statement on the introduction of AB1400 - California Guaranteed Healthcare fo All Act

February 19, 2021

LACDP Chair Mark J Gonzalez statement on the introduction of the
California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act


After today's introduction of AB1400 - the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J Gonzalez released the following statement: 

“When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Democrats and Americans knew this was the beginning of a long road in ensuring that every American regardless of status, race, gender, employment, or anything else would be provided with adequate healthcare. This pandemic has shown the world, that our healthcare system needs an overhaul and that a just system is the only system. This month, Los Angeles Central Committee was the first in the state to unanimously pass a resolution supporting a Single Payer System in our state, and I  have challenged the 57 other Chairs to  follow Los Angeles in supporting a similar resolution.

Today, Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), Ash Karla (D-San Jose), and Alex Lee (D-San Jose),  joined by members of the Los Angeles Assembly Delegation, introduced AB1400 - the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act. Democratic leaders know that with the rising cost of healthcare brought on by an industry that is designed for profits over people, that AB1400 would guarantee that Californians are provided with comprehensive, high-quality healthcare. Working with the California Nurses Association, labor unions, and activists this new CalCare Program will establish a much needed and improved Medicare for All-type health care system. While past bills failed to address the critical infrastructure required to overhaul the system, our Democratic leaders have found a way to finance this system, control the costs of health care, and address health care disparities. 

Los Angeles Democrats and my staff have and will continue to work and lead on this important issue, starting with bringing a coalition of Democratic leaders all across the state to support this bill and work with legislatures to get this done and make this truly transformative CalCare system a reality."


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