Los Angeles County Democratic Party Moves Annual Major Fundraising Event from Universal Studios in Solidarity with the WGA

Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) has released the following statement in support of the WGA strike:

"The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) relocates its major annual fundraiser, the JFK Awards, with over 500 attendees from Universal Studios Hollywood in strong solidarity with the Writers Guild of America - West. The Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, the largest central committee in the nation representing over 3.1 million registered Democrats, is moving its scheduled annual fundraising event from Universal Studios Hollywood to the Loews Hollywood Hotel, a union hotel.

Mark Gonzalez, Chair of the party, stated, “We stand in strong solidarity with our sisters, brothers, and siblings from the Writers Guild of America - West, which is on strike against all major studios, including NBCUniversal. Democrats across the country have joined writers on the picket line.”  The LACDP joins President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and many others in labor, community, and business are sending strong statements of support for the striking writers and all those in entertainment unions across the board for a fair wage and contract now.”

Meredith Stiehm, President of Writers Guild West, stated, “On behalf of the over 11,500 Guild members, we thank the Los Angeles County Democratic Party for standing with us. Media Giants like Comcast are lowering the standards for working writers. They must return to the table and negotiate a fair contract.”

The Comcast Corporation owns Universal Studios Hollywood as part of Comcast’s NBCUniversal business. The NBCUniversal business also operates multiple entities that employ WGAW members under the Guild’s industrywide collective bargaining agreement."


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