Candidate Interview


About this Committee:
Conducts candidate endorsement recommendation process (i.e., candidate questionnaires and interviews) for countywide  offices, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles Community College District, and election jurisdictions covering over four Assembly Districts; presents recommendations on candidate endorsement positions for LACDP consideration

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Jacob Haik
Marcella Cortez



Cory Allen
Bobbie Jean Anderson
Bobbie Buescher
Franbert Calderon
Novel Carter
Primo Castro
Hannah Cho
Joe Cislowski
Myran Cotton
Edgar Estrada
Marco Flores
Stacy Fortner
Ronald Gonzalez-Lawrence
Leah Herzberg
Irene Huerta
Gene Hurd
Peggy Jackson
Luke Klipp
Lara Larramendi
Clark Lee
Karina Macias (53)
Erick Martell
Mary Rose Ortega
Joana Reyes
Cara Robin
Patricia Sanders
Paul Seo
Susan Shannon
Bonnie Shatun
Patti Sulpizio
Thomas Wong
Jimmie Woods-Gray
Mark J Gonzalez, ex-officio

STAFF: Elizabeth Hennes




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