ByLaws and Code of Conduct

Los Angeles County Democratic Party


The By-Laws shall govern the organization, operation and functions of that political party known as the California Democratic Party (the Party).


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Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy


Los Angeles County Democratic Party along with the California Democratic Party (CDP) is committed to providing a welcoming, respectful, friendly, safe, suportive, and harassment-free environment for members, employees, and all others associated with the LACDP. LACDP Central Committee Members are bound by the LACDP Anti-Harassment Policy as well as the LACDP Code of Conduct. 

To report harassment of any form, please reach out to LACDP Chair Mark Gonzalez or Executive Director, Drexel Heard.


Review the policies here:

LACDP Anti-Harassment Policy

LA County Central Committee Code of Conduct