Endorsed Candidates

2022 Primary:
Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Local & Municipal Races by Assembly District and Judicial Races



Assembly District 36

Ayinde Fraizer-Love, Shawn Cannon - Lancaster City Council (At-Large)

Assembly District 57

Mary Sullens - Whittier City Council (District 2)

Assembly District 58

Ernie Nishii, Frank Aurelio Yokoyama - Cerritos City Council (At-Large)


Assembly District 41

Pasadena City Council (District 5)

Jess Rivas

Pasadena City Council (District 7)

Jason Lyon


Pasadena Community College Board of Trustees (Area 3) 

Steve Gibson


San Dimas Mayor

Ruth Luevand


San Dimas City Council (District 2)

Eric Nakano 


LaVerne City Council (District 4)

Timothy Hepburn

Monrovia City Council (At-Large)

Dr. Tamala Kelly

Assembly District 43


La Cañada Flintridge City Council

Kim Bowman


Glendale Unified School District Board of Education (Area B)

Ingrid Gunnell


Glendale Unified School District Board of Education (Area C)

No Endorsement


Glendale Unified School District Board of Education (Area D)

Shant Sahakian


Glendale City Council ( At-Large)

Anita Quinonez Gabrielian, Elen Asatryan, Dan Brotman


Glendale City Clerk

Suzie Abajian

Assembly District 49


Pasadena Area Community College Board of Trustees (Area 7)

Alton Wang

Assembly District 50


Beverly Hills City Council (At-Large)

Robert Wunderlich, Dr. Sharona Nazarian


Beverly Hills City Council (At-Large)

No Endorsement

Assembly Districts 53 & 59


Huntington Park City Council (At Large)

Karina Macias, Manuel Avila

Assembly District 58


City of Commerce City Council (At-Large)

Mireya Garcia, Kevin Lainez, Leonard Mendoza

Assembly Districts 62 and 66


Gardena Treasurer

Louis Enriquez

Assembly District 63


Paramount School Board (At Large)

Eddie Cruz


Paramount City Council (At-Large)

Linda Timmons


Lakewood City Council (District 2)

Steve Croft


Bell City Council (At Large)

Ana Maria Quintana, Alicia Romero


Assembly Districts 63 and 64


Long Beach City Council (District 9)

Joni Ricks-Oddie

Assembly District 64


CUSD Board of Trustees (Area A)

LaQuisha Anderson

Assembly District 66


Torrance Mayor

Cliff Numark


Torrance City Council (District 1)

Jimmy Gow


Torrance City Council (District 3)

Asam Sheikh


Torrance City Council (District 5)

Jean Adelsman


Torrance City Treasurer

Tim Goodrich

Assembly Districts 63 & 64

CUSD Board of Trustees (Area E)

No Endorsement

Assembly Districts 63, 64, & 70


Long Beach City Attorney

Dawn McIntosh


Long Beach City Prosecutor

Doug Haubert


Long Beach City Council (District 1)

Mary Zendejas


Assembly District 70


Long Beach Mayor

Rex Richardson

LBUSD Board of Education (District 1)

Nubia Flores

LBUSD Board of Education (District 3)

Juan Benitez

Long Beach City Council (District 5)

Megan Kerr


Long Beach City Council (District 7)

Roberto Uranga


Tim Reuben, Superior Court Judge - Seat 3

Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes, Superior Court Judge - Seat 67

Holly Hancock, Superior Court Judge - Seat 70

Kevin McGurk, Superior Court Judge - Seat 90

Lloyd Handler, Superior Court Judge - Seat 116

Georgia Huerta, Superior Court Judge - Seat 118

Patrick Hare, Superior Court Judge - Seat 151

Carol Elswick, Superior Court Judge - Seat 156