February 2020 General Meeting

UTLA Los Angeles
This committee meetings has already taken place.


February 2020 Meeting Agenda


Consent Calendar

February 2020 Meeting Consent Calendar


Eligible DNC Candidates for LACDP Endorsement


Steven Alari

David Atkins

Crystal Araujo

Prameela Bartholomeusz

Ada Briceno

Sergio Carillo

David Cunningham

Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik

Becca Doten

Derek Devermont

Sean Duger

Mary Ellen Early

Stacy Fortner

Carolyn Fowler

Michael Kapp

Andrew Lachman

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Otto Lee

Sandra Lowe

RL Miller

Bob Mulholland

Christine Pelosi

Speaker Emeritus John A Perez 

Joseph Luis Piñon

Melahat Rafiel

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy

Jeanine Rohn

Joseph Salas

Garry Shay

Susie Shannon

Keith Umemoto

Candelaria S. Vargas

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Laurence Zakson


There will be one ballot and voters may cast their votes for up to 20 candidates.  To receive the endorsement, a candidate must receive at least 60% of the vote AND be among the top 10 finishing self-identified females and 10 self-identified males. In conformity with the CDP election rules, if a DNC candidate, who identifies as gender non-binary, ranks for one of the member positions that individual will be endorsed. Because of this, the gender allocation above is tentative and may be subject to adjustment. The elected DNC member delegation will be equally divided by self-identified gender within one with the first ranked member being a self-identified female.  LACDP will do the gender allocation in this same way for its endorsement.