Legislative Action


About this Committee:
Works with legislators and legislative offices to conduct research, analyses, and deliberations on legislation to create a list of recommended priority legislation for LACDP consideration; advocate on behalf of LACDP priority legislation


Deana Igelsrud
Florencio Briones



Caro Avanessian
Victor Castellano

Hector Delgado
Debi Evans
John Erickson
Larry Gross
James Hays
Jawane Hilton
Derek Mazzeo

Aaron Ordower
Dorothy Reik
Phlunte Riddle
Sara Roos
Jerilyn Stapleton
Samuel Sukaton
Michele Sutter
Mary Zavala

Mark J Gonzalez, ex-officio


Committee Report

November Committee Report

Priority Legislation - Current Legislative Term

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Legislative Action Archive

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Legislative Action Handout

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