Legislative Action Committee Meeting

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021 | 6:30PM

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Meeting ID: 213 252 4411
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**State Legislation**
-SB 15 {Sen. Anthony Portantino (D)}
  (Housing Development: Incentives: Rezoning Of Idle Retail Sites)
  Requested by Paul Kujawsky.  Tabled until March meeting, by Debi
  Evans, to look into info on either a possible "adaptive reuse" amendment
  or different "adaptive reuse bill (AB 1068).
**State Legislation**
-AB 1400 {Assms. Ash Kalra (D), Alex Lee (D), Miguel Santiago (D)}
  (Guaranteed Healthcare For All)
  Requested by Mark Gonzalez
-SCA 2 {Sens. Ben Allen (D), Scott Weiner (D)}
   (Public Housing Projects)
   Requested by Dorothy Reik)
**Federal Legislation**
-HR 1111 {Rep. Barbara Lee (D) [CA-13]}
   (To Establish A Department Of Peacebuilding, And For Other Purposes)
   Requested by Jerilyn Stapleton
**State Legislation**
-AB 20 {Assms. Alex Lee (D), Ash Kalra (D)}
   (Political Reform Act Of 1974: Campaign Contributions: The Clean Money Act Of 2021)
   Requested by Michele Sutter
-AB 124 {Assm. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D)}
   Requested by John Erickson
-AB 1068 {Assm. Miguel Santiago (D)}
   (Affordable Housing: Alternative Forms Of Developement: Model Plan)
   Request by Debi Evans, in relation to tabled SB 15 above
-SB 4 {Sen. Lena Gonzalez (D)}
   (Communications: California Advanced Services Fund)
   Requested by Florencio Briones (for LACDP Labor Committee)
-SB 225 {Sen. Scott Weiner (D)}
   (Medical Procedures: Individuals Born With Variations In Their Physical Sex Characteristics)
   Requested by Amy Wiwuga
-SB 260 {Sen. Scott Weiner (D)}
   (Climate Corporate Accountability Act)
   Requested by Sam Sukaton
**Federal Legislation**
-HR 695/S 145 {Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) [OR-04]/Sen. Steve Daines (R) [MT]}
   (USPS Fairness Act)
   Requested by Deana Igelsrud
-H RES 118 {Rep. Tom McClintock (R) [CA-04]}
   (Expressing Support For The Iranian People's Desire For A Democratic Secular,
    And Nonnuclear Republic Of Iran And Condemning Violations Of Human Rights
    And State-Sponsored Terrorism By The Iranian Government)
   Requested by Paul Kujawsky
-Any other outstanding housekeeping matters.

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     Mar 2, 2021
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    Jul 6, 2021
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     Sep 9, 2021
     Oct 5, 2021
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