Legislative Action Committee Meeting

This committee meetings has already taken place.


Tuesday, April 4, 2023 | 6:30PM



[State Bills]:
-AB 311 / SB 245 (Santiago/Hurtado)
 Requested by: Member, Sara Roos
 {(3) Attachments: Fact Sheet, Senate Human
  Services Analysis, Notes from Member Sara Roos}
-AB 362 (Lee)
 Requested by: Co-Chair, Florencio Briones
 {(1) Attachment: Assembly Rev & Tax Analysis}
-AB 418 (Gabriel)
 Requested by: Member, Cary Brown
 {(1) Attachment: Press Release (Asm. Gabriel)}
-AB 538 (Holden) - Held Over From March Agenda
 Requested by: Member, Dorothy Reik
 {(5) Attachments: Bill Text, Press Release (Asm. Holden),
 Oppose Letter (to Asm. Committee on Util & Energy) with
 (2) attachments (Refuting False Claims, Why Oppose)}
 AB 813 (Legal Analysis & Post Amendments)}
-AB 1620 (Zbur)
 Requested by: Member, John Erickson
 {(1) Attachment: Bill Text}
-SB 2 (Portantino)
 Requested by: Member, Jerilyn Stapleton
 {(1) Attachment: Senate Public Safety Analysis}
-SB 261 (Stern, et. al)
 Requested by: Member, Dorothy Reik
 {(1) Attachment: Senate Environmental Quality Analysis}
-SB 497 (Smallwood-Cuevas)
 Requested by: Member, Phlunte Riddle
 {(1) Attachment: Fact Sheet}
-SB 588 (Allen)
 Requested by: Co-Chair, Deana Igelsrud
 {(1) Attachment: Bill Text}
-SCA 2 (Stern)
 Requested by: Member, Larry Gross
 {(1) Attachment: Press Release (Sen. Stern)}
[Federal Bills]:
-HR 698 (Cicilline)
 Concurrence (S-14/S-25) from Feb '23
 {No Attachments}

Meeting Dates:

Due to the ongoing COVID situation and the changing
health conditions, we are still unsure when we will be
meeting in person.  Until this is determined, we will be
distributing meeting links on a month-to-month basis.
In the meantime, here are the meeting dates for our
2023 Legislative Action Committee.  Please take a moment
to mark your calendars NOW for 2023, so you will be
able to make it to our meetings this year.
APR 4, 2023 - MEETING
MAY 2, 2023 - MEETING
JUN 6, 2023 - MEETING
JUL 6, 2023 - MEETING {Moved due to 7/4 Holiday}
AUG 1, 2023 - MEETING
SEP 5, 2023 - MEETING
OCT 3, 2023 - MEETING
NOV 8, 2023 - MEETING {Moved due to 11/7 Election}
DEC 5, 2023 - NO MEETING
Meeting Attachments

Helpful websites:

-City Of Los Angeles - Municipal Bills:
-California Legislature - State Bills:
-Congress - Federal Bills: