May Labor Committee

This committee meetings has already taken place.


LACDP Labor Committee Meeting
Agenda –May 16, 2023
Call to order – 7:00pm
Land Acknowledgement
Minutes from last meeting: who will volunteer to take minutes - see attached minutes from last meeting. 
LA FED – news – Alton - (see forwarded report sent via email to the committee)
LAUSD Settlement contract news
Laane – Andrea Oloughlin : Laane meetings 
Discuss Fair Work Week 
Merger between Kroger and Albertson – Mark - any news 
Wendy Ruiz - Resolutions Committee liaison 
UC Strike - any news - Seline 
Writer's Guild of America Strike - Jerilyn 
Legislation - Jerilyn 
 discussion of AB 610 - Holden (bus passes) 
Proposition 22 - workers are contractors (California Workers Gig Union) 
General Discussion

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