Submit a Resolution

Want to Submit a Resolution?


What you need to know to submit a resolution:

  1. Resolutions must be submitted by a member of the County Committee or by an organization chartered by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.
  2. Resolutions must be submitted five days before the Resolutions Committee meeting held on the first Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise noted).
  3. Proponents and authors of the resolution are welcome to attend the meeting and will have an opportunity to speak on behalf of their resolution.
  4. Additional background information or source materials must be submitted to support statements of facts made in the resolution.

Things a Resolution Cannot do:

  • Endorse a candidate
  • Propose legislation
  • Support a ballot measure
  • Call for changes in our bylaws or rules
  • Speak for other organizations or groups
  • Be overly complex

To be considered, resolutions must be submitted by email to


Click Here for a Resolution Template