LACDP Chair Responds to Trump's Acquittal by the Senate

February 5, 2020


Largest County Democratic Party in America Responds to President Trump's Acquittal by Senate Republicans

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA -- In response to today's acquittal of the president, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez, released the following statement:

"Senate Republicans have proved once again that they have no business governing by abdicating their constitutional oversight responsibilities and diminishing the role of a co-equal branch of government in their quest to cling to power. There is no doubt - this president's actions were inappropriate, unlawful, impeachable, and no, he will not "learn his lesson". By voting to acquit the president, Senate Republicans have rubber-stamped and have become complicit in criminal activities, national security risks, and conduct unbecoming a leader of this nation. Make no mistake, our country is at risk- the only remedy is to vote them out. I applaud the tremendous work of our House managers, especially Rep. Adam Schiff, and all the LA County Democratic leaders who continue to pull back the curtain on this lawless president and his administration."

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