2020-2024 DCC Members

2020-2021 Dues 

The $60.00 LACDP Annual Membership Dues for July 2020 through June 2021 are due*.

Elected and Ex-Officio Members and their Alternates are encouraged to pay dues as soon as possible. All payments received after July 14, 2020 will be subject to an additional $20 late processing fee. Dues must be paid before a member can be sworn in.

Both the Appointing Member’s dues AND the Alternate Member’s dues must be paid before an Alternate can credential or vote in place of the member. Payment of a new Alternate’s dues does NOT constitute an appointment of an Alternate Member. 

*Per the guidelines set by the LACDP Policy Committee, an annual $2 increase will be applied to 2021, 2022, and 2023. Please contact LACDP at info@lacdp.org to request a dues reduction or waiverYearly LACDP Member dues are payable by July of each year. 
ONLY individual contributions are allowed through Act Blue. To make a contribution using a campaign, union or other non-federally allowable source, please contact us or info@lacdp.org.



Questions? Email Executive Director, Drexel Heard