Statement on Martinez/Benitez Lawsuit against Governor Newsom

LACDP Chair Mark J Gonzalez responds to 
Martinez/Benitez Immigrant Relief Lawsuit against Governor Newsom

LOS ANGELES, CA --  In response to the recent lawsuit from Republicans, Councilwoman Jessica Martinez and Valley resident Ricardo Benitez against Governor Newsom, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez released the following statement: 

“While Governor Newsom is leading our state to ensure the safety and health of all Californians, Republicans like Assembly candidates, Whittier City Councilwoman Jessica Martinez and San Fernando Valley candidate Ricardo Benitez are teaming up with a right wing extremist organization to deny earned assistance from millions of working families. At a time when our leaders should be finding ways to provide adequate economic relief to all residents who continue to provide their salaries,  these two are actively engaging in the exact opposite - which is not consistent with our values in this state and our county. LA Democrats and I believe in the Governor, and  stand with the residents of the 57th and 39th Assembly Districts, and call on Martinez and Benitez to recuse themselves from this frivolous lawsuit.” 

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