2020 Organizational Meeting

Due to LA County Restrictions on large gatherings, our 2020 Organizational Meeting will be held Virtually. 


July 11, 2020
Meeting Schedule

Credentialing, Regional Swearing In, Assembly District Elections

Registration Requrired

Region 1 & 3
(AD’s 36, 38, 41, 43, 49, 51)

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Region 2 & 5
(AD’s 39, 45, 46, 59, 62, 64, 66)

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Region 4
(AD’s 44, 50, 53, 54)

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Region 6 & 7
(AD’s 48, 52, 55, 57, 58, 63, 70)

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Officer Nominations and Speeches


Registration Requrired

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Organizational Meeting




All newly elected members will virtually credential-in using either the phone number or the email address provided to LACDP upon on-boarding. Members will be sent a link that will identify them upon entry into the virtual room. All credentialing will be done by Region, and will happen at staggered times. 




The Swearing-in of newly elected members and their alternates will happen staggered, virtually, over a period of a single day, by selected Region. It will be facilitated by LACDP Staff, the designated Presiding Chair, and the person designated to deliver the oath of office. 

LACDP Staff will provide members with an electronic or mailed copy of their oath of office to sign and return by the date designated to return to the LA County Registrar’s Office 

Assembly District Chair/Vice Chair Elections


Per the LACDP Bylaws, elected, ex-officio and alternate members are eligible to run for Assembly District Chair and Vice-Chair. 

Each Assembly District will meet in a separate virtual meeting (breakout rooms), following their virtual Swearing-In Ceremony and nomination of officer candidates. AD Elections will be administered by a designated appointee from the delegation with assistance from an LACDP designated volunteer. Votes for Chair and Vice Chair will be done electronically. 

LACDP Staff will provide electioneers with the proper forms to complete and return to LACDP staff. 


Officer Nominations/Election



All nominations will happen on the virtual floor. Nominations can come from any regular (elected, ex-officio, or alternate) member from the Floor. The presiding Chair with assistance from staff will recognize members. Member must state their Assembly District.

Nomination Order
Corresponding Secretary
Recording Secretary
Vice-Chair (Male)
Vice-Chair (Female)


In the event a race is not contested, This Committee will vote during this meeting via acclamation. 

Candidate Speeches

Candidates will be able to make their speeches either via video or teleconference. All Candidates will have 5 Minutes for Speeches, with the exception of Chair Candidates who will have 10 minutes. 


Post-Nomination Process/Election

For all contested races, LACDP Staff will send via electronic mail, ballots, to those eligible members who have been credentialed in and sworn in during their specific Regional time. Those requesting a mailed ballot will be able to designate that during their registration process.

  • LACDP will post on the LACDP website the list of eligible voters. Only regular members (elected and ex-officio) will be eligible to receive or cast a ballot. Alternates will not be sent ballots.
  • E-Ballots and Mailed Ballots will be sent out within two days following nominations. Those receiving e-ballots will receive the ballot both via email, or via text message. 
  • Members who did not receive their ballot MUST notify LACDP Staff within 48 hours of the ballots being sent out to receive a ballot. 



  • E-Ballots must be submitted within 14 days of the ballots being e-mailed out.
  • All E-Ballots will be sent to the email address and/or cell phone number provided to LACDP staff by the member on the member file. 
  • To ensure election integrity, all e-ballots will include a unique identifier by member, and will be specific to the email address provided by the member.


Mailed Ballots

  • Mailed ballots must be filled out with the eligible voting member’s name, and must be signed to count. Mailed Ballots missing signatures or votes for multiple candidates in a specific officer category will be deemed invalid. 
  • Ballots sent via postal mail, must be postmarked within 14 days of the ballot being sent out and received by LACDP staff within three days of the submission deadline by 5:00PM. 

Election Results

  • LACDP Staff and designated tellers will schedule a LIVE count via video-teleconferencing two days after the mailed submission deadline, and provide election results upon completion.
  • Mailed-in ballots will be counted LIVE, and the votes added to the E-Ballot Counts.
  • The TOTAL completed vote count will be announced at the completion of the tabulation of the e-ballot results and the mailed ballot results. 
  • Both E-Ballot and Mailed Ballot Vote-by-Vote results will be posted on the website following the result, but no later than 48 hours after the completion. 
  • Those requesting a review of ballots must request a review within by midnight on the third calendar day after the count.


For Questions, please contact Executive Director Drexel Heard at drexel.heard@lacdp.org