Policy Committee


About this Committee:
Responsible for formulating and overseeing the implementation of the general policy of LACDP. 


Mark J Gonzalez



Patt Sanders
Sergio Carrillo
Olivia Lee
Marcella Cortez
Jacob Haik
Garry Shay
Jamie Kennerk
Steven Alari
Cecile Bendavid
Florencio Briones
Franbert Calderson
Franky Carrillo
Hanna Cho
Mary Ellen Early
Tony Hale
John Harabedian
Nichelle Henderson
Deana Igelsrud
Shanna Inglesbee
Adam Kroll
Diana Love
Miguel Martinez
Patrice Marshall McKenzie
Elise Moore
Mary Rose Ortega
Mark Ramos
Suzanne Reina
Joana Reyes
Cara Robin
Paul Seo
Nilza Serrano
Jerilyn Stapleton
Connie Sullivan
Patti Sulpizio
Jane Wishon
Jimmie Woods-Grey
Laurence Zakson