Medicare for All: A Civil Rights Issue

This event has already taken place.


Join us this Saturday, January 8th at 6:00pm for a conversation and special screening with Assemblymembers Ash Kalra and Miguel Santiago (Co-Authors, AB-1400), Dr. Barbara Berney (Filmmaker), Carmen Comsti (California Nurses Association), and Sylvia Drew Ivie, J.D. (Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science), about Medicare for All as a civil rights issues and what's next in the legislative fight in California.

The discussion will be moderated by Carolyn Fowler (DNC Member, Chair of the CDP Women's Caucus, and CDP Co-Chair of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee)

Prior to the discussion, viewers will screen The Power to Heal: Medicare and the Civil Rights Revolution, an hour-long documentary narrated by Danny Glover, chronicling the historic struggle to secure equal and adequate access to healthcare for all Americans.

Central to the story is the tale of how a new national program, Medicare, was used to mount a dramatic, coordinated effort that racially desegregated thousands of hospitals across the country, all in a matter of months in 1966.