Statement on State Senate Vote on SB50

January 31, 2020
ON SB-50
Largest County Democratic Party in America Responds to the recent vote on SB-50
LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA -- In response to the California State Senate voting down SB-50, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez, released the following statement:
" am pleased that our State Senators have followed the advice of the members of the LA County Democratic Party and have voted down Senate Bill 50. While we are in an existential and human rights crisis when it comes to addressing housing, rushing through a bill with serious issues is not the way legislators should be doing business. I    applaud the work of Senator Weiner in authoring this bill, and strongly encourage him to continue to do the work with colleagues, grassroots organizations, and city leaders across LA County and the state to come up with a more comprehensive bill that adequately addresses providing housing for our homeless community and low-income workers, tenant displacement, less about putting money in the pockets of developers, and more. I    look forward to seeing the work continue on behalf of LA County, and working with Democratic colleagues to make housing affordable."

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