Statement on Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address


February 4, 2020


Largest County Democratic Party in America Responds to President Trump's third State of the Union Address

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA -- In response to tonight's State of the Union, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez, released the following statement:

"Tonight the president gave his third State of the Union address, and his first as an impeached leader. As predicted, this president, his advisor Stephen Miller, Betsy Devos, and his party have embraced and defended a dangerous agenda that continues to divide our country and test our country's democratic values. With tax policies benefiting corporations and his wealthy friends and family, an unnecessary Space Force, rerouting military funds for his wall, rolling back regulations to protect workers, and actively working to dismantle healthcare for millions, it's clear this president is less interested in fighting for American families, and more interested in political theatrics. What you didn't hear tonight are policies to move this country forward. This president doesn't have them and his party doesn't have them. We will definitely need a "great American comeback" after this failed presidency, and Democrats across LA County and the country are more focused than ever on making sure this is his last State of the Union to our country."

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