Response to SCOTUS’ rejection of Trump’s Challenge to California’s Sanctuary Law

June 15, 2020

LACDP Chair Mark J Gonzalez responds to SCOTUS’ rejection of Trump’s Challenge to California’s Sanctuary Law

LOS ANGELES, CA --  In response to today's SCOTUS decision to reject the Trump Administration's challenge to SB54, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez released the following statement: 

"Since Inauguration Day, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller-like Republicans have made it their mission to  take their bigoted ideals to terrorize our nation’s immigrants and divide our nation. I applaud SCOTUS’ ruling rejecting the Trump Administration’s frivolous United Stares v California lawsuit against our State. Attorney General Becerra’s incredible defense of the SB54, led and championed by former Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin DeLeon, affirms that California, like all 49 other states, will continue to exercise it’s constitutional authority to decide how our law enforcement responds to immigrant rights and protections. While Jeff Sessions continues to campaign in Alabama on his decades of bigotry, the CAGOP, NRCC, Donald Trump and their party are not only going to have to prove their need for state  and local cooperation with federal agents in court, but also reckon with their actions for years to come. Los Angeles Democrats will continue to stand on the side of all Americans, including immigrants, all across our county and our state."

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