About this Committee:
Conduct research, analyses, hearings, and deliberations on resolutions submitted to LACDP; present recommendations on resolutions for LACDP consideration

Contact: [email protected]

Committee meets every first Wednesday of the Month

To Submit a Resolution 


Tony Hale
Mary Rose Ortega



Noel Barajas
Jenni Chang
Veronica de Lara
Andrew DeBlock
Arianna Miskin
Paul Neuman
Lynne Plambeck
Fernando Ramirez
Shannon Ross
Wendy Ruiz
Constance Sullivan
Adrian Vasquez
Mark J Gonzalez, ex-officio


2020-2024 PASSED Resolutions

LACDP 001-2024 - Halt Gas Injection at Playa del Rey Storage Facility

LACDP 002-2024 - Restrictions on New Development in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones

LACDP 003-2024 - LACDP Condemns Turkey and Azerbaijan For War Crimes

LACDP 004-2024 - In Support of Federal Recognition of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians

LACDP 006-2024 - Calling on the Governor to Apply for Waivers Allowing California to Implement Single-Payer Healthcare System within the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

LACDP 008-2024 - Expel Congressmembers who Voted not to Certify Presidential Election

LACDP-009-2024 - Reparations for Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation and Racist Federal Policies

LACDP 010-2024 - Restructing Aguaculture in California Coastal Waters

LACDP 011-2024 - Supporting Single Payer Healthcare in California

LACDP 012-2024 - Honoring Mrs Fannie Lou Hamer

LACDP 013-2024 - Protecting Garment Workers Against Wage Theft and Sweatshop Conditions

LACDP 014-2024 - Limiting the use of Sentencing Enhancements

LACDP 015-2024 - Condemning Hate and Violence Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

LACDP 016-2024 - calling for State Audit of the Metropolitan Water District

LACDP 017-2024 - COVID-19 Vaccinations for Teachers and School Staff in California

LACDP 018-2024 - Support Workers at the Le Merigot Hotel

LACDP 019-2024 - Boycott the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica

LACDP 020-2024 - Support Workers of the Chateau Marmont Hotel

LACDP 021-2024 - Abolish the Filibuster

LACDP 022-2024 - UCLA Rev. James Lawson Jr. Worker Justice Center

LACDP 023-2024 - Hotel Workers' Rights and Protections

LACDP 024-2024 - Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom

LACDP 025-2024 - Calling for end to all aid to Azerbaijan

LACDP 026-2024 - Helping India

LACDP 027-2024 - Thanking President Biden for Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

LACDP 028-2024 - Humane Atmospheric Conditions for All California Prison Facilities

LACDP 029-2024 - Stop Cutbacks & Layoffs of University of California Graduate Student Workers

LACDP 030-2024 - Support of Tourism Workers

LACDP 031-2024 - Support Los Angeles Unified School District Workers

LACDP 032-2024 - Promoting Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry