About this Committee:
Conduct research, analyses, hearings, and deliberations on resolutions submitted to LACDP; present recommendations on resolutions for LACDP consideration

Contact: [email protected]

Committee meets every first Wednesday of the Month

To Submit a Resolution 


Tony Hale
Mary Rose Ortega



Noel Barajas
Jenni Chang
Veronica de Lara
Andrew DeBlock
Arianna Miskin
Paul Neuman
Lynne Plambeck
Shannon Ross
Wendy Ruiz
Constance Sullivan
Adrian Vasquez
Mark J Gonzalez, ex-officio


2020-2024 PASSED Resolutions

LACDP 001-2024 - Halt Gas Injection at Playa del Rey Storage Facility

LACDP 002-2024 - Restrictions on New Development in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones

LACDP 003-2024 - LACDP Condemns Turkey and Azerbaijan For War Crimes

LACDP 004-2024 - In Support of Federal Recognition of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians

LACDP 006-2024 - Calling on the Governor to Apply for Waivers Allowing California to Implement Single-Payer Healthcare System within the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

LACDP 008-2024 - Expel Congressmembers who Voted not to Certify Presidential Election

LACDP-009-2024 - Reparations for Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation and Racist Federal Policies

LACDP 010-2024 - Restructing Aguaculture in California Coastal Waters

LACDP 011-2024 - Supporting Single Payer Healthcare in California

LACDP 012-2024 - Honoring Mrs Fannie Lou Hamer

LACDP 013-2024 - Protecting Garment Workers Against Wage Theft and Sweatshop Conditions

LACDP 014-2024 - Limiting the use of Sentencing Enhancements

LACDP 015-2024 - Condemning Hate and Violence Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

LACDP 016-2024 - calling for State Audit of the Metropolitan Water District

LACDP 017-2024 - COVID-19 Vaccinations for Teachers and School Staff in California

LACDP 018-2024 - Support Workers at the Le Merigot Hotel

LACDP 019-2024 - Boycott the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica

LACDP 020-2024 - Support Workers of the Chateau Marmont Hotel

LACDP 021-2024 - Abolish the Filibuster

LACDP 022-2024 - UCLA Rev. James Lawson Jr. Worker Justice Center

LACDP 023-2024 - Hotel Workers' Rights and Protections

LACDP 024-2024 - Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom

LACDP 025-2024 - Calling for end to all aid to Azerbaijan

LACDP 026-2024 - Helping India

LACDP 027-2024 - Thanking President Biden for Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

LACDP 028-2024 - Humane Atmospheric Conditions for All California Prison Facilities

LACDP 029-2024 - Stop Cutbacks & Layoffs of University of California Graduate Student Workers

LACDP 030-2024 - Support of Tourism Workers

LACDP 031-2024 - Support Los Angeles Unified School District Workers

LACDP 032-2024 - Promoting Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry