Urging Governor to Expand "Emergency Worker" Classification

LACDP Chair Mark J Gonzalez urges Governor Newsom to expand "Emergency Worker" Classification
LOS ANGELES, CA --  Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez released the following statement: 

“'Essential.' That’s the word we’re seeing thrown around during this pandemic. I’ve seen first hand the incredibly essential work of our first responders, transportation services, restaurant chefs, and grocery store workers out on the front lines for residents of Los Angeles County. This unprecedented time requires unprecedented real time decisions to continue to protect workers who are out working for us. I  stand with the International Union local 770, UFCW 770, UFCW 1428 and all of our brothers and sisters in labor, and support their advocacy on behalf of grocery store workers, pharmacists, delivery drivers and more across LA County, calling on the governor to classify and treat those workers as “emergency workers.” Workers, union and non-union, should not be worried about their safety and the safety of their families, while working to keep our shelves stocked or our medicine re-filled - we should be protecting them by any means necessary. I  urge Governor Newsom to work with local unions to make sure their workers are protected as they continue to do the essential work they’re being asked to do.”

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