Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and protests in DTLA

May 27, 2020

LACDP Chair Mark J Gonzalez releases statement on the murder of George Floyd and protests in Downtown Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA --  In response to the murder of George Floyd and protests in Downtown LA, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J. Gonzalez released the following statement: 

“Tonight, Angelenos are coming together after witnessing yet another killing of an unarmed black male in America. Make no mistake, a pandemic has not stopped hate that has reverberated across this country for decades, exasperated even further by a lawless, racist and bigoted president and his administration. The murder of George Floyd this week in Minnesota at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve, and the seemingly never ending cycle of unnecessary deaths, continues to be a stark reminder that our country still has a serious problem. Black Lives Matter isn’t just a saying - it’s a reality, and LA County Democrats continue to stand with those demanding justice, accountability, and change”



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