Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

June 3, 2020

Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

Pride is usually a time for myself, the LGBTQ community and allies to come together to laugh, learn, celebrate and grow together.

Pride is usually a time where we reflect on the work of pioneers like Morris Kight, Bayard Rustin, Tak Yamamoto and June Lagmay, Jose Sarria, Jeanne Cordova and others who helped usher in a generation of activism and leadership. Over the years, representation within our ranks here at LACDP has grown, as we welcome more LGBTQ Angelenos within our leadership and in our new class of elected members than ever before. 

Pride is usually a time where we welcome Americans and those from all across the globe who have come to accept themselves into the "family," and to provide the support for those who continue to need it.

Pride is usually a time where, while waving rainbow flags, marching in a parade, and meeting new people, we can celebrate a moment of joy.    

For the past 50 years, Pride has been a constant reminder that the fight for equality is hard, but not impossible. As our country attempts to stay healthy in the middle of this pandemic, our nation has once again been confronted with the sins of racial injustices that have plagued our communities. Pride grew out of protests 50 years ago, and we're seeing our nation rise up once again and say ENOUGH.

This year, our fight is not only at the ballot box, but in continuing to support and uplift Black voices all across LA County, especially black transgender voices who are continuously forgotten in this fight for equal justice. 

I'm proud to stand alongside of you and LA County Democrats and all the work we do on behalf of LGBTQ Angelenos.

While we may not be able to be together this month like we have in the past - remember now is the time for focus, let's continue to meet the challenges head on, and take pride.

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